A4 kültéri alumínium plakátkeret, 25 mm gérvágott profillal, időjárásálló

Kültéri használatra alkalmas, idpjárásálló,eső és napfény álló plakátkeret, víz elvezető nyílásokkal.

Eloxált alumínium szürke

RAL színekben elérhető


Antireflex PVCvel
• Patented product (TR 2006 06254 PCT/TR06/000064)
• IPP55 Approved product

  • Szállodák és Éttermek
  • Üzletek, boltok
  • Irodák
MATERIAL : Silver anodised aluminium PROFILE : 25 mm 

 UCH255N0A4 259 X 346 mm 210 X 297 mm 208 X 295 mm 0,635 kg 260 X 360 X 31 mm

Weatherproof Frames are a versatile and affordable option for presenting advertising content and other forms of public communication in an outdoor environment. The Weatherproof Frames are ideal for posters of every size in outdoor use. Weatherproof Frames are easy to use and easy to poster when the sides flip open. The natural silver-anodized finish aluminium frame, also available in different RAL colors is weather resistant and is a great display to exhibit signage outdoors.

As an outdoor display unit, each frame has been designed to achieve maximum weather resistance and protection from other corrosive agents. The snap frame has been manufactured with a sturdy aluminium border and also features inner rubber gaskets to achieve resistance from unfavourable weather conditions, including rain and dust. An additional feature of the outdoor frame offering protection to images is the anti-glare transparent cover sheet. This protective overlay enhances graphic visibility, maximising interest and customer engagement with your prints.

Once the poster display is mounted into the wall it will assist all future advertising and promotional needs through the simple and easy rotation of alternative posters fastened by snap frame.

The poster frames are also used outer walls of shops, offices, hotels, parking areas, retail stores and restaurants.

This frame is tested and approved IP55 for outdoor use.

Nettó ár: 4.353,- Ft

Bruttó ár:

5 528 Ft
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